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Transforming India
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The INDIA you may not know
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Making INDIA a Knowledge Economy
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One Point Action Plan for INDIA
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Good Governance

Economic Reforms
Governance & Administration
Real & Virtual India
Poverty Line
Good Governance
Why and How?
The Country
Workshops & Benefits
One Point Action Plan
Suggestions for 2005 - 2006
Zero Corruption

Comparison Studies

India in a Nutshell
China - India Chart
China - India Comparison

Socio-Economic Factors

Tale of Three Countries
Difference between Rich & Poor
World Markets
Population Bomb
FDI, Employment, GDP
Public Relations
Social Reforms

Governance Indicators : India Ranking within 75 Countries

Governance Indicators
India - China Ranking
Governance & Poverty

Zero Corruption!

Good Governance & Effective Administration

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Importance of water
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Digital School education
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CSR Projectsfromi Watch

1. Project 1 Publishing of i Watch 104 page book, in twelve Indian languages. The translated publications into 12 Indian languages viz., Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Assamese, Oriya, Bengali and Punjabi can then be used for communicating with the majority 93% of the Civil Society. Only 7% understand the English language. See page 97 for details.

2. Project 2 Mindset Change & Offering Solutions to the Youth & the Unemployed - ages 16 to 55. Distribution of our 104 page book to Civil Society. Impact of implementing Project # 2
  • Importance of Human Resource Development, i.e., Pre-Primary, Primary & Secondary education for all
  • Importance of Vocational Education & Training for Employment Generation
  • Need for Complete Deregulation for Higher, Medical and Technical Education
  • Importance of MSME's or micro small medium enterprises
  • Importance of Exports for Quality, Cost and Competitiveness
  • Importance and need for Good Governance to remove corruption and improve Quality of Life of the ordinary Citizen of India
3. Mind-Set-Change for the Youth & Civil Society by use of our 104 page book - 'Transforming INDIA' (Free offering) Copy of the book, version 2013, can be downloaded free of cost (1 Mb file) from www.wakeupcall.org Book covers 48 articles on Governance, Education, Economy and Employment. See page 11 for - What we can do for you? We offer Publications, Workshops, Data and advice for VET centres.

4. Employment Generation for the Unemployed
Can help, assist and direct setting up Vocational Education & Training Centres in your Block/District/State for Employment Generation in areas of Services, Manufacturing & Agriculture. We are tied up with local training companies as well as with Germany and Swiss Skill building organization. These International Courses can be available for Indian users. Details on request.

5. Digital School Education @ Rs. 100 per Year per Student or US$ 2 per year per student. E-Class Education System Ltd has low cost high-tech technology called EClass where schools can be covered with digital content costing about Rs. 100 per child per year. No computers or internet required only TV's are good enough. Entire State board curriculum from 1st std to 10th is covered. This organization is based in Mumbai. For more details visit www.e-class.in or www.eclassonline.in

6. Internet based Higher Secondary Education Science Education in Physics-Chemistry-Maths for classes 9, 10, 11 & 12. Supports e-Content in 11 Indian languages & can be used for any subject. Lowest cost internet based technology to world class standards using the e-Teacher platform Dynamind. Present cost about Rs. 2 per hour per student or about US$ 1 per day per student. Operating for the State Education Department, Orissa. Can be used and adapted for all other customers. Does on-line interactive coaching, assessment, feedback, Q&A & one-to-one mentoring. Uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing. See details at www.Aasanka.com and www.i2k.in. Both are for-profit organizations in Mumbai.

7. Enterprise Skills Development, ESD or Coaching in Entrepreneurship for Individuals, schools & colleges. (Free offering) Whether you are self employed or your work for others this quality is very important. Nearly 58% of all Indians are self-employed. Any person, school or college can get free coaching by visiting http://www.enterprise-education.in or you may visit www.deispune.org for more details.

8. Community based Safe Drinking, Cooking, Bathing and Swimming Water @ 1 paisa per litre for Rural & Urban India. Also used for Sanitization and disinfection. Cheapest green technology using only common salt & power as raw materials. For 1 million litres of Safe Water only 10KW power & 5kgs of salt are required. Solar powered units are also available, as many parts of the country do not have reliable power. More than 1100 installations are already running from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 80% of all diseases are water borne. Bottled water costs 2000 times more than sanitized community water. 100 crore people of India get unsafe water. WHO has listed electro chlorination as one of the process of disinfection of drinking water for Preventive Health Care. See details at www.denoraindia.com. DeNora India Ltd. is a for-profit organization in Goa.

Contact Details
  1. Krishan Khanna ...... Chairman & Founder ........ i Watch ..... www.wakeupcall.org
  2. Best way to contact us is always on our email at krishan@vsnl.com Mumbai contact +91-9821140756
  3. i Watch is a not-for-profit NGO which works in the areas of Governance, Education, Economy & Employment.
  4. Valid 80G certificates for Income Tax benefits are issued against each donation. Items 3 and 7 are free of cost.
Transforming India
News Events
Citizens Respond
Citizens Respond
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Human Development
Employment Generation
100% Literacy

Vocational Training
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Definitions used in the area of Education
China at a glance - VET & the Economy
Germany at a glance - VET & the Economy
USA at a glance - VET & the Economy
India at a glance - VET & the Economy
Real winner for India in 2011 - VET & the Economy
Road Map for Success
Vocational Education & Training
Education Matrix of India
VET Recommendations
VET Courses from i Watch

Education Policy
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Indian Education
Deregulation of higher Education
Goddess Saraswati
NRI Participation in Educational Infrastructure
Relevant Educational Policy for the Masses
Social Infrastructure - Education
Educational reforms
Relevant Education
Paradox India

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GDP Analysis
Defination of SME's
International Hub
Importance of SME's
Funding Infrastructure

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E.G. thru VET
E.G. thru SME's
E.G.-Implementing VET
E.G.-Relevant Skills & Training
E.G.-Paradox India-Skills

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Abstract of Policy
Table of Contents
Proposed Manufacturing Policy

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Grameen Creative Lab
Presentation for Companies
Social Business for India
University overview

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