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Transforming India
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The INDIA you may not know
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Making INDIA a Knowledge Economy
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One Point Action Plan for INDIA
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Good Governance

Economic Reforms
Governance & Administration
Real & Virtual India
Poverty Line
Good Governance
Why and How?
The Country
Workshops & Benefits
One Point Action Plan
Suggestions for 2005 - 2006
Zero Corruption

Comparison Studies

India in a Nutshell
China - India Chart
China - India Comparison

Socio-Economic Factors

Tale of Three Countries
Difference between Rich & Poor
World Markets
Population Bomb
FDI, Employment, GDP
Public Relations
Social Reforms

Governance Indicators : India Ranking within 75 Countries

Governance Indicators
India - China Ranking
Governance & Poverty

Zero Corruption!

Good Governance & Effective Administration

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Krishan Khanna
Krishan Khanna
Krishan Khanna - Founder of India Watch Foundation. He is an engineer technocrat with 40 years of experience in business and management. Extensive traveling, both in India and outside helped him to understand the advantages and necessity of good governance & effective administration. He has been working in Indian industry and business, as a manager and CEO. Has turned around sick organizations and helped start new ones. Presently resident of Bombay, available at krishan@vsnl.com.

Meher Mehta - A Banker by profession and an expert in Human Resource Development and general management. He has more than 40 years of hands down experience in organizations in India, Middle East and Europe. Served on various prestigious Boards of World Class companies, including Grindlays Bank, London, UK, for all their international operations. Has lectured widely in South East Asia, India and Middle East. Presently writing a book on management and resident of Calcutta, available at meher@cal3.vsnl.net.in.

Madhu Khanna - Dr. Khanna has done her Ph.D. From Oxford in Indian religion and masters in Sanskrit from London University. She has nearly 30 years experience in teaching, research and execution of projects about Indian Art, Culture, Religion, Medicine, Architecture and Painting. Author of a number of books, published by Thames & Hudson, London, such as " Yantra" and the "Tantric Way". Based in New Delhi and presently doing a large project on Benaras called "The Crossing".

Kulbir Singh
Kulbir Singh
"Bunty" as known to his friends, relatives and even business associates, is a highly qualified financial and business consultant. Having worked both in India and outside, for more than 30 years for a large International Bank, he has both an "inside view" as well a 'foreigner's point of view' in business and Industry. His focus area currently is advising overseas companies primarily in the Information Technology space who are looking at India as a destination. Resident of New Delhi, available at ksingh@del2.vsnl.net.in.

Mohan Shahani
Mohan Shahani - A business and management Consultant with more than 45 years of experience in teaching, business research and consulting for projects in India. Presently the all India President of the prestigious "Institute of Management Consultants of India" which is affiliated to the International body of ICMCI. He is very actively connected to the Rotary movement in India and closely involved with numerous projects in western India. As a very concerned citizen of India he keeps on reminding us that in a Democracy like India it is always "for the people" and "by the people". Resident of Bombay, available at mohanshahani@hotmail.com.

Devika Khanna
Devika Khanna-The youngest member of the Foundation. A qualified Graphic designer and commercial artist from RISD, USA. Worked in India and USA for nearly 7 years. Has her own design studio. Has done prestigious assignments, for example, for Discovery India, Hutchingson Max, Taj Group of Hotels and O & M. A stickler for detail not only in her work but also for the environment and surroundings. She is a resident of Bombay, available at devikakhanna@vsnl.com

Shailesh Dave- A Chartered accountant by profession. He has more than 20 years of experience in audit and tax maters pertaining to all kinds of Indian organizations. He is an ardent fighter for the truth and a "difficult and demanding" person when it comes to detail in terms of keeping law and order of his locality and also the work which he does. A very practical person who practices what others only preach. He is a resident of Bombay.

The only Constant in Life is CHANGE!

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Transforming India
News Events
Citizens Respond
Citizens Respond
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Human Development
Employment Generation
100% Literacy

Vocational Training
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Definitions used in the area of Education
China at a glance - VET & the Economy
Germany at a glance - VET & the Economy
USA at a glance - VET & the Economy
India at a glance - VET & the Economy
Real winner for India in 2011 - VET & the Economy
Road Map for Success
Vocational Education & Training
Education Matrix of India
VET Recommendations
VET Courses from i Watch

Education Policy
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Indian Education
Deregulation of higher Education
Goddess Saraswati
NRI Participation in Educational Infrastructure
Relevant Educational Policy for the Masses
Social Infrastructure - Education
Educational reforms
Relevant Education
Paradox India

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GDP Analysis
Defination of SME's
International Hub
Importance of SME's
Funding Infrastructure

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E.G. thru VET
E.G. thru SME's
E.G.-Implementing VET
E.G.-Relevant Skills & Training
E.G.-Paradox India-Skills

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Abstract of Policy
Table of Contents
Proposed Manufacturing Policy

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Grameen Creative Lab
Presentation for Companies
Social Business for India
University overview

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