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1. The Best "Home Grown" or "Swadeshi" Effective Human Capital is the answer!

At present, we cannot always use the Best "Swadeshi" Effective Human Capital to run our own country including our own public and private sector. When future generations of Indians read Indian History, this will go down as the biggest tragedy for India. 1000 million people but we cannot place our Teams in position and put our House in Order! No amount of money or technology can ever replace the presence of effective human capital. In fact, effective man-power teams, know, how to rustle up other resources. The reverse is not true, in a highly competitive & global environment, which is changing very fast!

2. The "Engine' of the Economy

The organized sector is supposed to be the "engine" of the economy of India. It needs to be "world class". It needs to be accountable, responsible and should be a used as a benchmark for efficiency, good governance and good administration. The key objective of this sector is to administer and govern and to serve and benefit the citizens and the country of India in the best possible manner. 27 million are born every year. Government can only facilitate jobs, education, health etc. provided it is efficient!
It should be the "torch bearer" for our economic reforms. The 18.7 million employees of the Union and State Governments need to be of a world class standard & extremely effective. 1000 million people of India, depend upon them! Who else will look after our 310 million, below the Poverty line and 300 million unemployed?

3. India Human Capital admired world wide - but in India the "Kahani" is different!

We have some of the best human resources in the world, but due to some of the constraints, as mentioned below, we cannot use them in our own country! Indians run some of the largest organizations in the world, both in manufacturing as well as in service sectors. Inidans also help as advisors to many Nations. It is not the question about who is better -NDA, BJP, or Congress, or any other political party, it is, whoever brings in the Best and Effective Team to govern and administer, will be the winner. Today, all good politicians, all over the world, talk economics first. The best Politicians "Walk the Talk".

4. Reasons for India's problems - We protect some employees at any cost to the Nation!

Article 311, of the Indian Constitution, unfairly (for the sake of the country and the 1020 million people of India, especially the 310 million poor and 300 million unemployed) protects employees of the Union and State Governments. This needs to be abolished, as it is irrelevant and unjust, since it protects only 1.87% of Indians, who are the employees of the State and Union Government, and indirectly, the employees of the organized private sector. There is No Fear of Loss of Job whether you deliver or not! Do the U.S., U.K., and Chinese Constitutions also protect employees of the Federal or Union and State Governments in the same manner? In India, sometimes, these employees, seek and get protection for lifetime employment, even if,
  1. they work or not,
  2. they are honest or corrupt,
  3. they are absent but marked present,
  4. they are efficient or inefficient,
  5. they get their work done from others (subcontract their work),
  6. willfully destroy public property (Employees are the Trustees of their respective organisations)
  7. take sick leave of 30 days/year year after year! It is impossible to be sick, every year, exactly for 30 days!
  8. restrict - retraining, redeployment and restructuring, for productivity improvement within the same organization and
  9. disrupt work, and damage or sabotage the fixed assets of public enterprises, in order to pressurize managements.

No country can run efficiently, especially, if some critical sections are protected, in this manner! 1.87% of India is NOT even the Vote Bank! Union Ministers, MPs, MLAs, municipal councillors can be changed after a term of 5 years or even earlier, as per the wishes of the people. Under the present system, employees of the Union and State Governments and their affiliates, as stated above, are given life long employment, irrespective of their performance! This is unfair to the people of India, most of whom are very poor. About 310 million below the Poverty Line and about 300 million unemployed. How and who will protect the balance 1000 million people of India?

5. Action Plan for India - a "Fire and Hire" Policy to protect the citizens from exploitation! Protect employment but NOT employees at ANY cost to the Nation!

India needs a "Fire and Hire" Policy, which should protect employment, i.e., maintain the same total number of employees, at a given time, as per historical data, but replace employees, who are corrupt, useless, subcontract their jobs and inefficient, etc. Please see paragraph 4, above, for details. We should protect employment, but not employees who do not come up to expectations and do not perform to normal standards of work culture and work ethics. This includes C2C or from CEO or Chairman to Coolie! The word Labour Law should be termed as Employee Law. The leaders and the people of India must decide by public debate in the media and the Parliament to finalize the best course of action. This must be done as soon as possible!
We are not suggesting any form of National Policy on retrenchment; let individual organizations decide *themselves, about VRS, downsizing, retrenchment and reduction or increase of manpower. This one point ACTION PLAN will unleash the "Latent Potential" of the 1032 million People of India.

The only Constant in Life is CHANGE!

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