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1. After 58 years of Independence where are we?

After 58 years of Independence, if we bench mark India against other countries of the world, especially with those in Asia, we note that though a lot has been achieved by us, a lot more needs to be done.

We need to learn from our past and move boldly into the future. India has achieved many milestones, but not enough to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and other vital issues, for the 1090 million people of India.

In spite of India's glorious past history and present outstanding and World Class quality of our human capital, which not only is responsible for running many organizations, in manufacturing, trading and services sectors, around the world, but also responsible for advising many countries on this planet, we have not been able to put our own 'house in order' to world class standards.

We are not able to always use the best effective human capital for running the country, both for the public as well as the private sectors! This needs to be suitably amended. In the first instance, we need to start taking some simple and effective measures which are for the good of the majority of the people of India.

We should plan to become a resource base for world markets, since 98.28% of the world's buying power and 99.2% of the world's trade is not with India!

2. India should learn from the best!

We should either try to teach the world, if we are better than them, or be humble enough, to learn from the best around us, other options are irrelevant!

W. Edwards Deming, one of the world's greatest management & quality Guru's, when asked, what was his, one point recipe for nations and organizations, said, "People are Important".

3. Experience of other countries!

Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of USA, remarked that "lack of labor rigidity is key to US success".

The US has benefited much more than Europe and Japan because American businesses enjoy the freedom to hire and fire and keep the best human resource.

S E Asia & China have greatly benefited due to flexible and fair [for the masses], human resource policies.

4. Good Governance is the 'Golden Key'

Good governance can unlock India's latent potential!

We have been analyzing India's problems based on years of research, analysis and personal interviews with thousands of citizens in India as well as NRI's and PIO's.

India needs to improve its governance & administration to world class standards, as soon as possible. We firmly believe that India would be rated as the No.1 country in the world, as far as potential vs performance is concerned!

Let us unleash this latent power and energy for the benefit of the 1090 million Indians, and for the benefit of mankind on our planet.

5. India needs a new and innovative paradigm shift in thought process & planning for achieveing a 10% to 14% GDP growth rate per year

Example No. 1
Why can we not have 100 zones, on our coastline, each one equivalent to a Dubai, Singapore or a Hong Kong? These 100 zones will in effect increase the GDP of India by 300% in 15 to 20 years! China has more than 500 Special Economic Zones (SEZ's)!

Example No. 2
Our suggested 'Relevant Manufacturing Policy' for India can also enhance the GDP to double digit growth.We can achieve high growth rates of the Asian Tigers, including China, provided we follow such policies! See our website www.wakeupcall.org and this booklet for details.

Example No. 3
The existing educational policy, on human development, caters mostly for higher education. About 24 million people of different age groups, enter the system every year. About 1.60 million make it in higher education, the balance 22.40 million 'drop off' at various stages. We need to change the policy to benefit these 22.40 million

Example No. 4
Make 'some part or parts'of coastal India as 'tax free zones', Use the best examples of Mauritus, Isle of Man, Sychelles, UAE, Bermuda, Luxumberg, Monaco & Lichtchenstien.
Tourism, exports, FDI, investment, employment generation, education, vocational training, infrastructure, law & order, reduction of corruption, improvement of health services and GDP can improve at a faster rate with good governance and effective administration.

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