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8th of June 2005

Some suggestions for improving INDIA

I am happy to suggest some action points which would have a very positive effect on the Indian Economy. This is based on our research and investigation:-

Suggestion #1: Decontrol and deregulation of Education……Policy Change required
Decontrol of all higher & technical education, including vocational education and training. Government should only concentrate from KG to Class 10th. License Raj in education to go! School drop rate is 94%. Rs. 50,000 Crores per year is repatriated for Indian students studying abroad! Enough to build 30 IIT's or 50 IIM's per year!   Educational reforms

Suggestion #2 : International standards for SME's Policy Change required
To bring Indian enterprises inline with the global economy, by recognizing the existing size, scope and importance of SME's rather than SSI's. Indian organizations need a level playing field. 90% of India's GDP are in SME's! 99.7% of all organizations in the world are SME's!   Defination of SME's

Suggestion #3: Infrastructure Funding and Implementation: .Policy Change required Infrastructure requirements need to be implemented as soon as possible. Scope of funding, at reasonable terms and ensuring that these funds are routed through the relevant financial Institutions are the need of the hour. How to raise Rs. 20,00,000 crores? Funding Infrastructure

Suggestion #4: Government schemes for the poor and needy: CSR
65% of Indians live in rural India. The average Indian earns about US$1.66 per day. As per the World Bank, the Poverty Line threshold was US$1 per day per person now the same has been revised to US$2 per day per head. Because of this the central as well as State Governments have various schemes to benefit the poor, needy and down trodden. It is estimated that such funds hardly reach the people for whom this is meant. The total sum under various schemes amounts to Rs. 36,000 crores per year or Rs. 3000 crores per month, nearly Rs. 100 crores per day. Experiments conducted in some blocks in the state of Gujarat have shown that by investing about Rs 1 lac per year, it is possible to organize the channeling of nearly Rs. 100 lacs funds meant for the poor and needy. This actual case study deserves the highest attention. Social Reforms

Suggestion #5: Drinking Water disinfection @ 5np for 100 liters of water CSR Prevention is better than cure. It is much more economical; providing clean drinking water rather than curing the people after wards when they are sick. Local solutions available.

Suggestion #6: Water harvesting should be given A1 priority: CSR
Each member should adopt at least ONE Rain Water Harvesting scheme during 2005 - 2006!
contact: Janak Daftari, IIT Bombay indepth@vsnl.com

The only Constant in Life is CHANGE!

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