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China started their family planning policy in 1970, India in 1952
In 2001 our birth rate was nearly 3 times more than China. 27 births per 1000 as against 8.8 for China! India is adding 18 million people per year, against 9 million per year in China. Total addition to population is a function of total births minus total deaths.

How will we provide additional 10 million jobs per year?
The Public Sector and State/Central Government, which is already overstaffed, has a total of 18.7 million employees, therefore offers very little scope for new employment. We have to look outside the government for new employment.The unorganized sector and the SME's (SSI is not SME) offer the maximum scope for employment, like in all other countries of the world, including China. SME's account for nearly 75% of employment and 80% of trainees!

The Government can only facilitate jobs, they cannot provide jobs for the 300 million partly or fully unemployed in India!
At 10 million jobs per year it will take us 30 years to remove unemployment, at 5 million jobs for year it will take us 60 years! The present Indian 'mind set' will require rethinking and reorganization of the existing perceptions about Public Sector enterprises, and the actual role they are supposed to play! Only efficient organizations can deliver results and growth. Only better governance and efficient administration can deliver results!

India's per capita earning is US$440 per year against US$990 per year in China
As per the World Bank, the poverty line definition is US$1 per person per day or US$365/person/year, for underdeveloped countries like India, China etc. As per the official data from both governments, China has 3% population below the poverty line, compared to India's 26 to 29%! Only better governance will help.

China attracts 87 million tourists per year (this is expected to reach 90 million in 2002) against 2.5 million per year to India.
The international Tourism Industry is [7 times the size of I.T. or software] about, US$3700 billion per year. India, in spite of its old history and 21 cultures and languages, seems to have 'missed the bus', in Tourism. Tourism is a very big employment generator. It is estimated that every one tourist generates 2 to 4 jobs. Tourism promotes International trade and understanding.

In Foreign Direct investment, FDI, China + Hong Kong received US$106 billion last year [US$70billion from NRC's] vs US$3.6 billion [US$0.2b from NRI's] for India! Only better Governance can attract FDI and Tourists. In exports, China is nearly +700% of India
Taking the exports of Hong Kong + Macau into account, China's exports would be +1000% of India! China's GDP is 50% in manufacturing or $ 650 billion per year. India's GDP is 25% in manufacturing or $110 billion per year. China's manufacturing base is nearly 6 times of India's.

In agriculture our yields per acre, are well below the international norms
India could be a giant exporter of food, only if we could put our 'house in order' to near world class standards! China with lesser cultivable land, produces double the food grains, at 415 million tons per year compared with India's 208 million tons per year. God has been very kind to India with a lot of sunshine, rain, rivers, lakes, coastline and good hard working citizens.

The governance of hamlets, villages, cities, districts, Government and Semi-Government agencies, as facilitators, have not done enough to show the results that India is able or capable of achieving. India would definitely rate as the No.1 country in the world, for Potential vs Performance!

Indians score high marks on performance, outside India! This is because the Governance is better outside. In countries where the Governance & Administration is poor, the performance of its citizens is also low!

In Education, 99.1% of Chinese children attend school for 9 years, this ensures a high level of literacy. In India, literacy is 50 to 60%
While IIT's, IIM's are important, the country's real growth will come because of primary and secondary education and vocational and educational training in all districts of the country. India can rise and shine in exports, agriculture, literacy and other areas with better governance.

The only Constant in Life is CHANGE!

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