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Transforming India
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The INDIA you may not know
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Making INDIA a Knowledge Economy
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One Point Action Plan for INDIA
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Good Governance

Economic Reforms
Governance & Administration
Real & Virtual India
Poverty Line
Good Governance
Why and How?
The Country
Workshops & Benefits
One Point Action Plan
Suggestions for 2005 - 2006
Zero Corruption

Comparison Studies

India in a Nutshell
China - India Chart
China - India Comparison

Socio-Economic Factors

Tale of Three Countries
Difference between Rich & Poor
World Markets
Population Bomb
FDI, Employment, GDP
Public Relations
Social Reforms

Governance Indicators : India Ranking within 75 Countries

Governance Indicators
India - China Ranking
Governance & Poverty

Zero Corruption!

Good Governance & Effective Administration

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Chairman & Founder
State Advisors & Associates
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Citizen's Respond

"I hope to use some of the wisdom gleaned from your paper in the formulation of my policies of corporate governance"
N.R.Narayana Murthy
Chairman & Chief Mentor Infosys.
The Chamber appreciates the good work i Watch has been doing for the benefit of the citizens.
P.N. Mogre
Secretary General, Indian Merchants Chamber
The mission of i Watch has been the Mission of Krishan Khanna to innovate and transform where ever he was involved in work or life.
Dr. P.S. Rana
Chairman & Managing Director, HUDCO
We interact with more than 500 NGO's and we must say that we have found i Watch a unique and innovative NGO.
Vinay Somani
Managing Trustee, Karmayog.com
We believe in the ideas and suggestions of i Watch to bring the policies to optimum benefit for the people of India.
Anupam Mittal
President & CEO, People group
"I have not heard of any NGO like iWatch which has such a holistic plan for Transforming India"
Maj. Gen. D. N. Khurana
Director General ALL India Management Association.
I really appreciate i Watch's endeavor in creating awareness, suggesting solutions and action plans, assisting and networking with various stakeholders in the actual implementations of plans towards Educational Reforms and Transforming India.
Sushma Berlia
President, Education Promotion Society for India
They have set out to create a framework for achieving high and sustainable growth for India. For this they are working to build consensus and influence policy changes. This is indeed a very unique strategy designed to have a far-reaching impact.
Dr. Rajiv Kumar
Chief Economist, CII
i Watch is doing a wonderful job in making the people understand and specify relevant policy changes required and the importance and need of Good Governance to benefit the people of India.
Dr. B.P. Dhaka
Secretary General, PHDCC & I
As an educationist and HRD consultant I strongly believe that the plan of i Watch for training 95% of the youth in 3000 areas of Vocational education is most innovative. If implemented, it would prove to be a major solution for the unemployment problem in India.
Prof. Rooshikumar Pandya
International Management Guru
I have read with interest your book titled, Transforming India, and would like to convey my compliments to you for the very useful studies and suggestions contained in this. I have no doubt that the issues raised and the recommendations made are of immense value.
B.N. Yugandhar
Member Planning Commission
Regarding Good Governance, I look forward to having detailed discussions with you to follow-up on some of the suggestions contained in your booklet, Transforming India.
M. Damodaran
Chairman & Managing Director, IDBI
I am aware of the good work being done by i Watch. I have noted your views regarding good governance, training and employment.
M. Venkaiah Naidu
President, BJP
Please keep up the good work.
Dr. R. Natarajan
Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education
I was very impressed with your whole program and your efforts to elevate India.
Babu Khalfan
NRI based in USA
The vision with which i Watch has been set up is indeed a very timely effort for better governance. We would be glad to be associated with your foundation.
Deepankar Sanwalke
Executive Director, KPMG
At the outset, let me congratulate you on all your presentations and I feel happy and honoured that you have shown interest in our working together on vocational education and training. I can see the potential.
Prof. Rupa Shah
Vice Chancellor, S.N.D.T. Women's University
We welcome you as a founder member of the IC Centre for Governance. The executive committee members of the Centre are impressed by the choice of your core issues and the action plans outlined.
Prabhat Kumar
Former Cabinet Secretary & President- IC Centre for Governance
Reference your discussions with our Chief Secretary; we will be glad if you hold interactive sessions on Good Governance & Effective Administration for all senior and middle level officers, numbering about 450 of the government of NCT, at the Delhi Secretariat.
Prakash Kumar
AR & IT Secretary, Govt. of NCT
i Watch is invited as a part of the expert panel to comment and suggest on the "India and the World 2025" scenarios at the interactive workshop organized by the World Economic Forum and CII.
Confederation of India Industry
Please accept my congratulations for the good work which you have done. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your work and I am sure your publications will bring about awareness and as well play a very educative role in highlighting the issues and as well as focusing on the areas where we need to give greater attention.
M.V. Rajasekharan
Minister of State for Planning, Planning Commission
We would deeply appreciate it if you could kindly spare the time to participate in the Conference on NRI-Civil Society Partnership and guide its deliberations
Dr. Abid Hussain
Chairman, Group for Economic & Social Studies
I would like to thank you for your support. It has helped us grow into a strong and vibrant organization
Padmini Somani
Director, Salaam Bombay Foundation
Your publication makes an interesting reading. I very much appreciate the simplicity and practicality of your approach.
K.L. Chugh
Chairman Emeritus ITC Ltd.
i Watch is doing a wonderful job and the research work you are doing shall give us a lot of inputs for the movement.
Sudesh K. Aggarwal
Secretary General, All Indians Foundation
I must admit that this is really a very painstaking job and you have amassed a lot of valuable statistics and data. I assure you that with my limited capability I shall try to project your data to all possible forums.
P.N. Roy
Chairman, Indo-Asahi Glass Ltd.
Your effort to shortlist the maladies looming ominously on our socio-cultural-economic spectrums deserve mention.
R.S. Agarwal
Joint Chairman, Enami Group of Companies
I critically studied your 'Governance & Administration of India' paper and came out very deeply impressed and also agitated. It is powerful enough to make everybody sit up and think. It hits the right cord. You have precisely pointed out what ails India.
Prakash Almeida
Director, Institute for Study of Economic Issues
I am sure this note will set all those who receive it thinking and from thinking at least some will go on to take some action to realize the vision you have sketched.
N. Vittal
Central Vigilance Commission, CVC
Your perception is superb, ideas are original and some of the statistics are mind boggling. I wish your ideas get a much wider coverage through the all-India media.
H. N. Dastur
Executive Director, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan
When awareness is there, the action will also take place and in this crusade I and many Indians are with you. Keep it up.
Sushil Gupta
Past District Governor Rotary District 3010
I assure you that I will continue to do whatever is within my power to pursue the one point agenda as in your letter.
George Fernandes
Defense Minister, Government of India
We feel privileged on account of your having favored us with your valuable experience.
Air Commodore Amrit Lal
Executive Director, Indian Society for Training & Development
I appreciate your viewpoints expressed in the note and would invite more ideas and pragmatic exercises which can help to develop society in the right direction.
Suresh Prabhu
Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha
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Transforming India
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Citizens Respond
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