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The Population BOMB that can devastate India

1. India's Population Policy - much to catch up & learn from others!

India has 1000 million people. China has 1260 million. Nearly 22 million are born every year in India and ONLY 10 million in China. China has had a more effective population policy than India, although they started in 1970. India's population policy started much earlier, in 1952. By 2045, we shall overtake the Chinese population, with an Indian population of 1550 millions! Life expectancy in China is now 71 years vs 62 years in India. In China the average family size was 3.63 members, in 1998, in India it is 5.63.

2. Literacy in China & India - where are we in 2001?

In the last Century, India's population has increased from 250 to 1000 million, an increase of about 400%! In India, in the last 100 years the actual number of poor people, has steadily increased. In China, all young children go through 9 years of schooling, this ensures 100% literacy. In India it is hardly 50%. China's per capita is US$845 vs US$425 for an Indian. Their GDP is 2.5 times of India.

3. Percentage of people below poverty line - China & India in 2001

Because of China's successful Population Policy, China has added 300 million LESS people, in the last 30 years. China has been able to reduce the people below poverty line to 3%, i.e. only 40 million people. India has 40% or 400 million below the poverty line. We fail to understood the fact why some thinkers and leaders, in India, mention that our population is our strength. How can they make such statements, with so much poverty, illiteracy & a low standard of living? It's a nightmare for the POOR in India! The average age in China, for women to get married, the first time, was 23.57 years, in 1998.

4. India's economic parameters - the simple truth!

India has 17% of the world's population, 2.2% of the land area, 1.4% of the world's GDP and only 0.6% of the world trade. This means that 98.6% of the World's GDP [Buying Power] & 99.4% of the World's Trade is not with India! India must plan larger exports, for increasing the standard of living of its people.

5. Adding population but without the required GDP growth - where are we heading?

Due to a very poorly administered Population Policy, we are adding one Australia per year or one each of all the following countries per year, -- Switzerland + Singapore + Hong Kong + UAE + Bahrain + Oman + Saudi Arabia + Qatar + Kuwait, every year, year after year, but without the GDP, health, literacy and standard of living, that they have! Lack of knowledge of Global Economics, Poor Governance and Inefficient Administration of our Leadership, both political as well as administrative, are very much responsible for this sad and terrible state of affairs in India.

6. Over population + poverty - can unbalance the world!

High population growth can DEVASTATE a Nation and also cause an UNBALANCE in the world, leading to UNSTABILITY in world economics and world peace. When will the Indian Leadership open its eyes & realize the real TRUTH? When will we start really taking more effective action? Hello? Hello?

7. Over population and availability of land?

At the present rate of population growth, the existing grain land will become inadequate to supply food and water to the increasing population. In 1960 the cultivable land was 0.21 hectare per person, this has dropped to about 0.10 hectare in 1999. The water tables are depleting at twice the rate that they are being replenished. Is anybody listening or worried?

8. The poor are exploited in India - do we really care enough

Even today, nearly 400 million people, in India, are below the poverty line. What will happen in the next 45 years, in 2045, when we have added another 550 million people! Overpopulation can ONLY benefit some of the well to do, some of the rich and some Powerful Politicians, as they can then EXPLOIT the Weak and Poor. This is the case in India today. Because of poverty, the poor men, women & children have to bear it!

9. The complacency in India about overpopulation - is frightening!

Are the POOR really enjoying poverty? The 400 million poor would love to have a better life. It is NOT on the top priority agenda of any political party, inspite of the above facts. After 53 years of Independence we are still very poor, where 400 million earn less than Rs. 10 per day or Rs. 3650/yr. or about US$80 per year! What will be the scene, after we add another 550 million people by 2045? This is like adding another USA + Europe, but without the standard of living that they have. Can't we see the disaster ahead?

10. The World is worried - are we?

International agencies, such as the World Watch Institute and others are MORE worried about India than India itself! India is sitting on a Time Bomb, which it refuses to accept, inspite of the extreme poverty of its 400 million poor people, below the poverty line!

11. Media coverage about disadvantages of overpopulation - totally inadequate!

There is inadequate media coverage in TV, Talk Shows, Radio, Cinemas, magazines, newspapers, schools, villages, about, for example, the China-India comparison & about the ill affects on health, drinking water, jobs, sickness, food, education, transport, housing and other aspects of life, due to over population. Everyone agrees, that the way Sanjay Gandhi started solving the Population Problem, was wrong. But does it mean that we should IGNORE it, especially, as we are reeling under the bad and terrible effects of a very high & unmanageable population, and all the disadvantages associated with it?

12. Awareness programs about disadvantages of overpopulation - too few & far apart!

AWARENESS PROGRAMMS, showing the disadvantages due to over population, need to be intensified, by 80 to 100 times. Let the people understand the burden of overpopulation. There must be gentle and indirect disincentives for having large families. Successful examples of other countries, even other states, MUST be communicated. Newspapers & media should be full of it EVERY Hour, EVERY Day & NOT only on World Population Day! The poor are misled to having more and more children.

13. Per capita of India - very close to the poverty line as per World Bank norms!

India has to go in for a very strong and Effective Population Policy. We should learn from others who are better than us. We should NOT only aim to survive, as we have done in the past, but plan to improve the standard of living of all our people. The present per capita, in India, of US$425 per head, is only slightly higher than the World Bank minimum poverty line of US$1 per day or US$365 per year!

14. World Class Governance & Admin. - Foundation Stone to effective implementation!

All this is ONLY possible with Good Governance & Efficient Administration and a very high priority long term Effective Population Policy. Future generations of Indians depend upon us. The attached note attempts to emphasize the crying need for World Class Governance and Good Administration. As it ensures Excellence in all areas of the economy, including Family Planning.

15. Comparison between China-India - This should wake us up!

A comparison between China & India, in the basic economic parameters of annual production & activity, will hopefully, force us to think and act that we need to put our "House in Order", ASAP. Steel 103million/ton/yr vs 19. - Cement 650m/t/y vs 95. - Crude oil 150m/t/y vs 30. - Coal 1300m/t/y vs 300. Tourist arrivals 60m vs 2.5. - FDI US$46billion vs 2. - Exports US$260billion vs 42.- Telephones 220m vs 27. - Food Grain 410 m/t/y vs 208. - Color TV's 400million vs 75. In other basic areas, which benefit the masses, such as Literacy improvement, Population control, Health Care programs, Infrastructure development, Olympic medals, etc, -- China is way ahead of India. At the present rate of growth, it may take India more than 100 years, in some areas, just to catch up!

16. Communication to the Political Parties of India - Party time is over!

We are writing this letter with the firm belief, that you will take suitable action, to make India what it should be. Kindly help us to get the mailing lists of the Think Tanks of the PMO, MOF, RBI & NDA, BJP, RSS, Congress & other parties; so that we could communicate to them and pass on this information.

17. Adjustment for Population increase - The hard facts!

If the GDP grows by 6% per year, as in 2000-2001, the per capita does NOT grow at 6%. It is reduced due to the yearly population increase, and due to inflation and other issues. Therefore the final per capita increase, would be much lesser. This is only, one of the disadvantages, of a ballooning population. The facts need to be communicated to the people of India, as explained above!

Please take Action ASAP!

Thank you for your interest and effort to read this note.

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